Holistic perinatal support

Holistic Perinatal Support


I invite you to individual consultations. During a meeting with me, you will receive substantive support on the course of childbirth, which will allow you to understand how beautiful this process is and give you the faith and strength to experience it fully. I will guide you on how to prepare your head, body and soul for childbirth.

Examples of consultation areas:

  • preparing a birth plan
  • home birth – how to prepare?
  • vaginal birth after caesarean – how to increase the chances of a successful vbac (vaginal birth after caesarean)?
  • support in getting over your fears
  • preparation for perineal self-protection (my personal protocol)
  • assertiveness in the delivery room – how to communicate your needs?
  • rights in the birthing room and informed consent for medical procedures
  • discussing previous births (causes of complications, loss of health or life of the baby)

What else can we talk about?


  • you are pregnant and have some anxiety
  • you are convinced that a natural childbirth is best for your baby, but you are worried about your perineum
  • you want to avoid a caesarean section, but don’t know how to go about it
  • you dream of a beautiful water birth, but don’t know what to do to make that dream come true
  • you are approaching 40 weeks and feel increasing anxiety, because the birth “isn’t happening” and the peer pressure is hard to bear
  • you have had a difficult birth, but no one has explained to you what happened and why
  • you want to know the reasons for the complications that affected you or your baby
  • you would like to give birth at home, but there are obstacles to this plan
  • you want to cry because you feel your plan is falling apart and you have no one to talk to

…then I offer you my support.

How and where?

Live in a comfortable place of your choice, by phone or video consultation.

Holistic Perinatal Support


I will help you to tame your fears and prepare for unexpected situations. I will support you physically during the birth by making sure you and your husband/partner are comfortable in the broadest sense. I will support your choices, providing you with information based on current scientific knowledge if necessary, so that you can make informed decisions.
In the postpartum period, I will support you in feeding and caring for your little one, as well as taking care of your environment. 

Three meetings before the birth

The topics of the meetings are decided together according to your individual needs.

1st meeting

  • getting to know each other and establishing a relationship 
  • discussing your birth experiences/conceptions 
  • getting to know your expectations, goals and dreams 
  • establishing a common vision of cooperation 

2nd meeting

  • discussing the birth plan 
  • getting to know your fears 
  • discuss non-pharmacological methods of birth pain relief
  • rehearsal of the birth 
  • preparation for perineal self-protection 
  • preparation for breastfeeding (if you want to breastfeed) 

3rd meeting

  • packing your birthing bag 
  • assertiveness in the birthing room 
  • rights in the birthing room and informed consent 
  • Each meeting will take ~90 minutes, additionally I offer you ad hoc telephone contact

Childbirth time

I am in full readiness two weeks before your due date. During this time I am available day and night on the phone waiting for the signal to arrive regardless of my plans, personal or public holidays. 

I arrive at the birth place as soon as possible, up to a maximum of two hours after your call. 

During labour I offer: 

  • physical assistance – massage and other effective methods of pain relief, comfort care (scents, candles, affirmations, music), serving drinks and snacks, serving 
  • emotional support as needed 
  • content-related support 
  • non-professional photos on request 
  • staying available until 3 hours after the birth 

Meeting after the birth

Within a meeting during the postpartum period I offer: 

  • emotional support
  • physiological lactation support 
  • assistance in caring for the newborn baby 
  • availability to help with household tasks: childcare, minor cleaning (laundry, dishes), meal preparation 
Holistic Perinatal Support


One way to put yourself in a relaxed state during labour (and beyond) is to use aromatherapy. Wild orange will evoke the scent of Christmas, frankincense of the temple, lemon will energise, mint will refresh. But essential oils are not just aromas… They are natural substances 50-70 times more potent than their herbal counterparts! By acting with them directly on the skin or internally, many pregnancy complaints and birth situations can be dealt with quickly. Because pregnant women and newborns are very delicate creatures, I have chosen essential oils of the highest purity, which are CPTG-certified. This means that they have no additives/preservatives or impurities. I use essential oils on a daily basis when caring for my family’s health and emotions. If you want to find out how to support your immunity, take care of various ailments and well-being using oils – message me!

Holistic Perinatal Support